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Photokina 2010: Leica Design Preview Event - Unveiling the M9 Titan

I arrived in Cologne early this morning. The weather is amazing, with clear blue skies and temperatures hovering around 70 deg F. After the usual two hours sleep on the plane, I took a three-hour nap in the hotel. Usually, this is a sure-fire way to prolong jet-lag, but with the Leica Design Preview event later in the evening, sleep was a good thing. If the S2 VIP event was any indication, it'd be a late night. And in fact, it still is.

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Using Continuous Evaluation to Thwart Insider Threats

Before November 2009 little attention was paid to the silent threat cultivating inside of the U.S. Army. That all changed when a common U.S. Army officer, Major Nidal Hasan, killed 13 soldiers and injured 30 others during a shooting spree in the morning hours of November 5, 2009, at Fort Hood, Texas. The significance of insider threats has been reiterated with the shooting at the Washington, D.C., Navy Yard, and the intentional crashing of a Germanwings jet into the French Alps.

These events are significant in that they tragically ended in the death of innocent victims at the hands of those they placed trust in fellow workers and service providers. In addition to the human cost, we m

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Wearable cameras

Everyone loves the James Bond movies and now you can own spy gadgets that would make even the man himself jealous. We offer high end spy gadgets that are wearable, covert, or built into everyday items; if you want to learn more about why you should buy from DynaSpy, Inc. vs. the other "spy wannabes" Click Here.

Our spy cameras are built into everything from ballpoint pens to baseball hats and our unique line of spy cameras is professionally designed to be body worn and completely undetectable. Protect yourself in situations where you may need conclusive evidence, capture a moment during your favorite hobby, or simply record an event of interest to you.

You will f

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 - Powerful But Tiny

I have been extolling the virtues of the Canon Rebel T3i of late, but have you heard about the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 yet? The new model has the look and feel of a high-end point and shoot camera, but it is really a powerful SLR-type camera, including interchaneable lenses.

Panasonic Lumix G3 front viewPanasonic Lumix G3 front view

Panasonic </p>
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Nikon introduces upgraded Capture NX 2 photo editing software

Nikon Capture NX 2Nikon today introduced the latest generation of its robust image processing and editing software, Capture NX 2, which provides photography enthusiasts with a suite of powerful tools and a simple, visual operation to streamline photo editing. Capture NX 2 utilizes revolutionary U Point technology to give photographers access to powerful Control Points that enhance color, exposure, and other image quality settings quickly and easily. New technologies abound in Capture NX 2, including the innovative new Selection Control Point that places a commanding suite of image editing

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Object of Desire: 360Fly

Object of Desire: 360Fly OCTOBER 19, 2015

Greg Scoblete

Thanks to the proliferation of virtual reality headgear, theres been a surge of interest in immersive photography and video recording. The latest entrant into this hot field is 360fly, a company born from the robotics lab of Carnegie Mellon University. The companys first product is the eponymous 360fly, a small action camera that can capture a 240-degree (vertical) and 360-degree (horizontal) field of view via its fixed f/2.5 lens. The camera captures video at 1504x1504p30 in the H.264 format with a bit rate up to 20Mbps. Files are stored on the cameras 32GB of internal memory. The 360fly is dust- and water-resistant and can survive falls from up to 5 feet. Its operated through a single button with a three-color LED status light and vibration motor for feedback in the field. If you need a more robust interface, you can pair the camera to your mobile device via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for remote viewfinding. The app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, also lets you view 240-degree videos, edit your footage and share it to social networks. The camera ships with a tilt mount with both a curved and a flat baseplate for mounting purposes. It weighs 0.3 pounds, so its slightly heavier than a GoPro Hero4 without its waterproof housing. At 2.4 inches in diameter, its just a tad smaller than your standard tennis ball. Youll enjoy a little morethan two hours of battery life.

Price: $399

Info: 360fly.com

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Tenba's New Cooper Messenger Bags Blend Form and Function

Tenba's New Cooper Messenger Bags Blend Form and Function OCTOBER 29, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

Tenba is rolling out a new line of canvas and leather messenger photo bags with a silent Velcro flap.

The Cooper series is made from a soft cotton canvas with full grain leather trim.

The peach-wax cotton canvas exterior features water-repellant coating back with an ultra light silicone-coated ripstop nylon liner. Both the full-grain leather base and trim have been treated for waterproofness. Additional features include:

* Quick Access top zipper

* a silver/black reversible rain coverthe silver side reflects the sun to keep bag contents cooler

* a rear laptop/tablet pocket

* removable padded camera insert

* side pockets that can be compressed slim against the side of the bag or expanded to hold a water bottle or a zoom lens as large as a 24-70mm f/2.9 (Cooper 13 or Cooper 15).

The series will come in four sizes, capable of stowing cameras from compact mirrorless models with an 8-inch tablet up to pro DSLRs with 15-inch laptops. The bags will ship Nov. 1 for $170 (Cooper 8), $230 (Cooper 13 Slim), $250 (Cooper 13 DSLR) and $300 (Cooper 15).